this year, O2O is no longer a new model, all walks of life are combined with O2O storytelling. Currently doing O2O is equivalent to build polymerization information platform, the threshold is not high, so many entrepreneurial team bet small and beautiful looking for opportunities to subdivide the vertical industry. Recently, the 58 city and Ganji together and push O2O new business, the U.S. group also will be traced into the laundry business bureau…… Pay attention to the platform and the platform for the classification of information threats to the work of the field segments. What kind of O2O model is more feasible to improve the threshold of entry into the deep business may be a bright road.

stopped in concept O2O

in recent years, O2O is not only popular in the Internet industry, the traditional industries in various fields including basic necessities of life and so on, put on the "O2O" fashionable hat. Currently active in the market in the field of food, beauty, home economics and other related O2O companies emerge in endlessly, and continue to have new players to join. The domestic capital is also very optimistic about the concept of O2O, the story can be said to be able to melt into the capital of the phenomenon is very common.

get 60 million yuan financing soon trendy District CEO Zhang Jixue said that the current concept of community O2O was fried paste, has not yet seen the direction, is still in the exploration period.

in fact, such as Manicure, such as massage only by App can choose artisans on-site service to complete the transaction O2O is still in the initial stage. The existing O2O is App as a platform to gather specific information in the field of intermediary links, also did not realize channel integration, more like trading services business platform.

is the development of the O2O industry analysts will be divided into three stages:

The first phase of

stays in the media attribute, and the probability of direct information consumption is low;

second stage platform with the collection of information, data, the formation of online and offline closed loop;

third phase is an information revolution, the traditional industry will participate in technological innovation.

"the reform of all walks of life on the Internet is mainly manifested in the ability to deal with the information and the ability of the rapid dissemination of information." The analysts said, at present, all enterprises are emphasizing the formation of O2O closed loop, but this is just too much emphasis on the dissemination of information and communication, but ignore the Internet for information processing and reasonable interaction. Therefore, people can not see the role of the O2O model more deeply, but the surface of simple information dissemination.

large platform squeeze small and beautiful


58 city and Ganji is undoubtedly the most recent sensational news, two CEO Yao Jinbo and Yang Haoyong on the causes and Prospect of merger agreement, is to save the opportunity cost of the joint force of new business, the highlight is O2O.

"in the market do go to the car, we do in the 58 home and many other new businesses, these businesses with $>