Electric City General Manager Zhang Jun said today morning, 2014, has more than 15 thousand overseas digital home appliance brands stationed in Tmall Electric City, and establish the depth of cooperation. 2015, 8 of the country’s new mobile phones will be selected in Tmall as the starting platform. Large household appliances delivery service to the country’s more than 2 thousand and 600 districts and counties of the basic full coverage, become the largest home delivery platform. The C2B package under the production line of small household appliances sales are far more than peers. He said that under the strong cooperation of Tmall city and the brand, competitors have no advantage.

Zhang Jun revealed that the annual sales of small household electrical appliance industry in the city of Tmall has been 2 times higher than the Jingdong, the domestic market share of small household electrical appliances are all from Tmall city.

in the mobile phone industry, Tmall Electric City in 2014 has won almost all mobile phone brands, including apple, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI, Meizu TOP, mobile phone industry brand, a total of more than and 30 mobile phone brand in the official flagship store of straight battalion settled Tmall; a second tier mobile phone brand over 80% flagship models have chosen Tmall Electric City as a starting platform 6, apple iPhone, millet series, HUAWEI X1, Bryant F2, Meizu charm blue. On the morning of February 9th, Alibaba announced $590 million investment Meizu, which also opens up a broader space for Tmall and Meizu in-depth cooperation.

in 2014, Dixon, Liang digital, hisap etc. the three line brand mobile phone chain stores have settled Tmall; China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese China Telecom have reached three operators of the strategic cooperation with Tmall electric city. 618 last year, Tmall mobile phone sales exceeded one million units. 11 double the same day, Tmall City, a total of 1894867 mobile phone sales, to become the largest online platform for the sale of mobile phones for 24 hours".

Zhang Jun said that through the depth of cooperation with the platform business, Tmall appliance city has established absolute advantages in the field of home appliances, digital, mobile phones, etc., far ahead of other platforms in the industry. He said that it is not difficult to do a Jingdong, but we think it is interesting to train more Jingdong.