took over the Hainan summer island business network to now about 3 months time, in the 3 months the site from pr=0 to the current pr=3, BAIDU not included in from now included more than and 500 pages, 400-500ip site for 0IP to the current average daily traffic from the day, people in the 3 month time feel very deep, like to share my website as well as the optimization of summer island business nets experience today.

first: to carefully analyze the site’s customer base.

just contact to the tourism business platform, after careful analysis of the sales platform is mainly around the Hainan Turisthotellet, day tours and other tourism products, to provide personalized travel services for tourists, and customers are mainly in the mainland, but also the local Hainan but not the major, because we want to put the Hainan International tourism to the country and even in the world. So in terms of the optimization do is precision marketing, rather than other websites do is flow, of course no matter what type of website, the flow is earning may not flow, there would be no income. We are positioning the domestic tourists.

second: summer island business website internal optimization.

first by the original dynamic web pages to HTML static pages, of course, we all know that the static pages of the search engine included favorable, in this I do not detail.

The second is to increase the

system, the system in any website plays a big role, we will add some travel to Hainan and Sanya travel Raiders articles on the website, this is SEO, and provide the original tourism related articles, Turisthotellet and other auxiliary sales of tourism products, of course, every original articles, provide a small flow for us, these flows are mainland, generally there are many of these visits is our loyal customers.

third: analysis of the site’s key words which.

believes in making travel friends all know, the key tourism has much heat, but also through the online travel group of friends that do the tourism industry Baidu keyword bidding, the final result is to spend money, is naught, no benefits, so as the site responsible person of I, to the company’s proposal, let us to do our own SEO, then our keyword is mainly Hainan tourism, Sanya tourism, Hainan Hotel, Sanya Hotel, as well as the relevant keywords, so we can guarantee through the search engine to customers are directed to travel to Hainan and, of course we are using those keywords, through customer survey of nearly five hundred about the fact that this is right, although these keywords is very fierce competition, to our site traffic is not too big but we do Precision marketing, into a single rate is also high.

fourth: high quality links.

at the beginning of the site PR or 0, there is little webmaster with >