small sand collected some copy of the article, the insight into the user pain points "as the theme of the article is very much, and it looks like Dan than other types of articles should be higher, usually involves psychology, sociology, for example:

5 "poke to your pain," the network copy, you will hurt to scream?

how does a new product copy evoke pain points?

can not afford to research institutions, how to penetrate the user pain points?

customers those heartache point, you scratch it?

find the pain point Cheats: think like idiotic


so, practice insight, poke pain points will become a copy of the training means, with the hope that how to improve your insight, insight into the hearts of the 18 methods to improve their ability to penetrate the pain points.

But the eighteen

like Wu Yi, despite the concentrated practice, but can not hit, the strike will.


is a work of art because of the need for pain. In the United States, senior copywriter usually has 7-25 years of experience, and China, senior copywriter usually only 3-5 years of experience. Age is secondary, the experience and thinking of the age is the most powerful pen pen.

now, most of the known copy pain point from books, articles, reports, or not keenly aware of the observation of life. Unfortunately, read more books, read more articles, read more reports on the pain point of understanding can only be superficial. At this time, the other people to observe the unique point of pain to get their products will usually be used on the failure, then the pseudo pain point on the.

a, after the pain, no transformation

judge a good copy, often hear such adjectives.


consumers are white-collar workers, called on them to relax the mind and body, to enjoy life. So you’ve seen the city at 4 in the morning, have you ever seen the Meili Xue Shan at about in the morning? × ×, travel agency, take you to see the city every morning. [


a home at 4 in the morning of the code dog, see this sentence was moved to tears.

consumers are family women, calling on them to love their families and love themselves. Then write: [you are not married when anatomia, married × × daily necessaries, cosmetics, love yourself. [


, a 30 something women, in the market to buy food called aunt, see this sentence have mixed feelings.

consumers are business men, called on them to lay down their entertainment, return to the family. So wrote – son asked his mother, dad is Batman, why only when I was asleep when he came back. ×>