, I believe many people engaged in the personnel of SEO read not less than 1000 million even more, some search engine optimization simply holding the attitude of learning to read it, there are also people in order to find the answer, he wanted to get the answer from the vast sea for the article, perhaps this is the answer it is only in his mind answers, SEO is broad and profound, no exact answer, the search engine algorithm varies from day to day, the search engine algorithm is the heart, commercial secrets, even if released, also announced a summary to it, really want to understand the true meaning of it, it is not possible so, SEO is difficult, that simple, because after all or not deviate from the "content is king" to launch.

the new year has begun, who do not know the next Baidu algorithm is how to change the search engine optimization, you really want to wait until the algorithm released to optimization? It is not realistic, as we have pointed out that Baidu algorithm change every day, search engine optimization do not keep up with the rhythm. If caught, thoughts are doomed to chaos. Since the 628 search engine Baidu after the adjustment, a series of measures down, many webmasters and search engine optimization workers have to reduce the value of this piece of the chain, focusing on the content. We put a high quality original content on the mouth.

The so-called

high quality content is really just as you think "high quality original articles", this is a lot of common search engine optimization workers, every webmaster or search engine optimization workers that their efforts to write out the article, in their own eyes will think is original article, but when it comes to this this article is not of high quality, so ask yourself there is no responsibility for their own written articles? Is not written out on the side? So webmaster or search engine optimization workers ignored a very important job is to "network marketing" Meizhou Peida network will give the webmaster friends on this question.

Webmaster or search engine optimization workers

more and more when it comes to the user experience, and high quality original content is a manifestation of the user experience, but most of the original content written by a friend but did not reach their desired effect, some friends of the original article was reproduced, get good rankings in other sites on. What is the reason that we give to others to do the wedding, I really did not work hard


A: write your own article is related to the site.

does not represent the original high quality, this point I believe we agree, especially some enterprise stand friends, although everyone from a hot event to write, but we think this is just a gimmick, and whether their web site? Popular events on the Internet so much, is not suitable for all network hot words the web site. If you really want to write, you can find their own website and related content? If it is just a hot event to write articles, and their website is not related, then this article is basically garbage. Like a pork sale