article marketing rather than soft marketing

first want to say, I agree with ZAC’s argument, want to soft Wen marketing, I would like to call it article marketing. Because when it comes to soft marketing, you may first think is how to promote the product information embedded in the chapter. But the article marketing, you should first consider how to write a good article, and then is to consider embedding product information. What is a good article, I think Professor Carleton University, is meaningful to the user rather than the article, in addition to advertising or advertising. It seems that there is no real difference between the two, but I think this is the difference between marketing ideas, is the so-called ideas determine the way out. Therefore, to enhance marketing, first of all, the promotion of marketing ideas.

case sharing

recently in a new economic authority platform, see the article on a B2C female shopping platform (according to this article, the judgment should be soft) this article writing techniques, combined with the author on e-commerce website and other websites, to share in the marketing planning and writing ideas.

mentioned above should be a master for the typical nature of the professional soft wen. First of all, the author analyzes the current situation of e-commerce market, and puts forward the current situation and Prospect of the female economy. Although there are soft information in the back, but because you have been nutritional value, such as B2C market analysis, women’s economic analysis, etc.. So you should have a certain degree of friendship. So you may look at the contents of the text behind the soft, and may remember the dissemination of product information. As a result, the purpose of the author to achieve the soft. And because the first time you feel that someone else’s content has nutritional value, so you may continue to pay attention to the author’s article. This is the author’s logic.

author view

in conclusion, the author thinks that Professor Carleton University, in writing, it is to emphasize the soft to have nutritional value. I will put this value throughout my blog – tract network marketing laboratory, in the laboratory, the author believes that network marketing is a game, from planning to operation ", this is not to say how to play the game, but how to design the game, how to operate the game. Boils down to a point, is the user as the center, brings the pleasure for the user, creates the value for the user. In other words, is to do user centric network marketing. Interested friends welcome exchange. About soft "value is the idea behind the king" will be made with share. The following start from the soft writing topic to share.

soft writing topic

whether it is soft marketing, blog marketing, or other types of network marketing, we need to find a topic to expand. I believe that the topic of women and related market areas, can be said to be an eternal topic. You do not see the history of mankind for thousands of years, has been flashing the key words, than "money", "beauty", "