old hook recently in several Tianjin City medium-sized enterprises to do network marketing planning and management team, in the small and medium-sized enterprise boss, it is not a lack of ideas, not lack of funds, is the lack of dependable execution mentality. On the one hand, network marketing is not do today, tomorrow will be able to generate sales, but need to pave the way to gradually improve; on the other hand, network marketing is the need to adhere to every day, after all, the Internet is "not because see hope to insist on, but we will see hope.". Therefore, the network marketing consultant and small and medium enterprises in communication, but also need to sort out their own ideas, full communication, according to their own ideas in accordance with certain ideas, passed to the boss of the enterprise. Old hook that, generally speaking, there are two main aspects of early communication.

first, the customer industry:

whether it is a SEO project or integrated network marketing projects, the first thing to do is not to do it, but to fully understand, especially the industry understand. After all, we can win.

1, product understanding: the customer’s product is what kind of virtual or physical, necessities or luxuries?.

2, customers understand: a customer here refers to our customers, the company is selling something to these people? The age sex education area, income is? To be learned through communication and so on.

3, sales channels: we mainly do network marketing, but also need to find out the customer’s offline channels, because the network marketing can not be operated separately, but the need to interact with the line. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the customer line which channels, which channels to sell, the channel is reliable, etc..

4: first, the team understand the purpose of the team is to know the customer’s strength, the second goal is to know if there is no execution and communication ability of the staff in the customer team, when the subsequent execution we can apply directly to communicate with him, so efficiency will be much higher.

5, peer: we have to master from the client to the three peers, especially customers hate the peer name of the five. Of course, this is not to take revenge, but we need to understand the competition of network marketing advantages and disadvantages, so in the competition we start disadvantage bedding, our competitors in the key breakthrough.

two, customer network marketing to understand

1, the current network marketing position communication:

, website: user experience point of view, the customer’s site is a good user experience from the SEO point of view, the customer’s site rankings?

II, operation: customers in addition to the operation of the site is currently operating other network channels, operating mode >