1) point to point efficiency and point out efficiency, is the core problem of click exchange chain

2) the overall efficiency of the text exchange chain is relatively high, but specific to each site is very different

3) under the premise of not hurt the customer experience, the proper application of text exchange chain, can improve the 15%-40% traffic

1 point efficiency: 6.1%

according to April 16, 2006 statistics, Baidu chain (www.baidulian.com) of the total number of points out / the total number of display =6.1%. In other words, if the Baidu chain in a site is displayed 100 times, on average, there are only a few of the union station was hit by the 6.1.

do not know if there is no study of the efficiency of the link, better quality links should be more than this ratio.

according to the principle of 1:1 click exchange, was 6.1 points can be exchanged for the 6.1 point, so the Baidu chain theory point / display efficiency is also 6.1%.

2 when the per capita PV=4, the theoretical flow rate increased by 24.4%

assume that a person are PV (page views) of 4 stations, each column, each page is linked to the Baidu chain, the average number of visitors per encounter Baidu chain 4 times, the probability of 4*6.1=24.4%. That is to say, 1 flow 0.244 times points out, 1:1 click exchange principle, the station can theoretically exchange 24.4% flow gain, if the average PV is higher, then the flow gain greater.

the flow rate is larger than perhaps window union value, because these points out that visitors interested in actively click, effective flow. And although the pop is 100% increase in traffic, but a high proportion of visitors immediately shut down or intercept, increase a lot of traffic is invalid, is false.

3 traffic gain is also very large space

If the

station upgrade points out more efficiently, that means the union points out to enhance the efficiency, the total station members point out is equal to the total points, so the average flow rate will get you gain the same promotion.

points to improve the efficiency of the room is still very large:

1) if more stations will exchange code in a significant position, then the efficiency will be greatly improved. Now many of the Baidu chain hanging in a very humble position

2) without hurting the website image and customer experience, display style by Gog number, will point out the efficiency is greatly improved. Point out the efficiency of the use of 1:12 style, certainly much lower than 1:24.

3) if you join the station to design their web site name, then the efficiency will be greatly increased. The defect of the text link is that the information is limited, so it must be used properly.

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