is now we are talking about the website promotion and site optimization of an era, the end between site promotion and optimization is what relationship? What is important or important website optimization website promotion? Especially now has a considerable number of enterprises to promote and optimize the site together, the focus of is it a? These questions have been wandering in my mind.

In fact,

website promotion from a narrow point of view is to place a variety of possible sites to publish their own advertising information. From a broad point of view, the promotion includes advertising promotion and website optimization. Their aim is to send as much information as possible to their websites.

site advertising is also known as hard advertising implants. The concrete is in the relevant portal site looking for advertising, do all kinds of advertising, such as home page headlines, advertising and so on, also do some outdoor, car body, wall advertising, posters and so on a large number of publicity. Of course, this can receive a good effect in a short time, but the cost of inputs is also very large. Small and medium enterprises are generally unable to bear such a huge cost of investment. And such a rigid investment once the neck bottle, how to break through the investment in the continued increase in the cost, obviously companies can not afford. Does not invest will become a big neck bottle, then fell into the contradiction.

website optimization is what we often say that the SEO Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEO) is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. It is not like hard advertising that need to invest a lot of money, there will not be so difficult to break through the neck of the bottle, the same is not the same as advertising in a short period of time to the enterprise to bring significant results. If the enterprise is the pursuit of short-term rapid promotion, then obviously focus on SEO optimization is not suitable; on the contrary, if the pursuit of long-term development, then SEO is a good choice for enterprises. Can save a lot of money to the cost of the enterprise, it will not be the propaganda of the enterprise neck bottles. But often the boss of the enterprise is the pursuit of rapid increase in ranking, to SEO staff to increase the pressure, but this is not desirable, because SEO is a slow, gradual accumulation process. SEO do not be impatient, avoid flighty and impetuous, see my SEO not flighty and impetuous.

In fact,

advertising and website SEO optimization is complementary to each other. If you want to see the effect in the short term, the enterprise has to bear the investment in advertising, it focuses on the advertising promotion; if cannot afford advertising investment, and to effect in the short term, it is not desirable. The consequences are mentioned in detail in my "SEOER avoid flighty and impetuous".

if the long-term development of the enterprise; from the point of view of the need to focus on the site’s SEO optimization, although its effect can not be reflected as soon as advertising, but it can give