I: dark horse carved sirloin is probably the most wonderful China in the catering industry, because the store is not only the Internet to create no dining experience, its operating mode is also quite offbeat. Before the opening, carved sirloin for half a year the beta phase ", similar to today’s network products popular beta, after many Master delicacy and entertainers try dishes, carved sirloin in continuous improvement after it was opened to the public.

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, Meng wake for God carved sirloin beta spent 10 million, but it also let the wind found this strange home store business value sirloin. VC invested 60 million carved sirloin, and its valuation has reached 4 hundred million, that of a newly opened restaurant, is really an amazing thing.

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of God carved sirloin carved "Meng wake to experience success. Share:

and I think the core team, the most exciting, is a business behavior, a "case", we can fully summed up his own business "methodology", out of practice, prove our methodology is effective and powerful — like Einstein, drum out "theory of relativity" is not enough Hi, see the atomic bomb, the mushroom cloud rising moment, widely acclaimed "fuck, E=mc2 turns out to be true!" just feel like, endless anshuang.

A few days before

noon and Haidilao founder brother for dinner, he is also the old restaurant, we had to have a private Xidan Lafayette store, I asked a sentence, "carved sirloin make money now?" the table immediately said, how could he not make money! He is the most high and the mall price the highest rate of over Taiwan, he does not make money people are not jumping? My answer is: "yes, you are worthy of a connoisseur, carved sirloin to still do not earn."

a lot of people left?

from the business philosophy, a few enterprises, at the same time with the "fast, large, to make money" these three things — either grow quickly and to make money, this usually do not, in the case of the streets are growing fast and do much; and often begin to earn no money, such as Tencent Taobao are; there are a lot of "Camel", a start can make money and later quite large, but the growth rate is often very slow……

carved sirloin, precisely in the business strategy, choose the "fast development prospects, but why can not earn money early path does not make money? Because, if you want to do, at least to do dishes taste good and stable, reputation, traditional catering, relying on the" outstanding Chef "mode is not the copy. Want to copy a lot, you have to model innovation, such as reducing dishes, the establishment of the central kitchen. There is no central kitchen, do not want to do the dishes consistency, and even store more open, poor management, even basic health can’t guarantee.

central kitchen is the biggest drawback, the initial investment is high, hundreds of millions to tens of millions, and the scale is very strict.