" " once a year; Halloween; (Wan Shengjie) to come, are you ready?

read this several Horror Halloween marketing case, really never thought about Halloween!


1, Airbnb: vampire castle home night

index: terrorist assumes

Here is

Romania Brown Castle (Bran Castle), right, is the legendary vampire castle, dare to look at the Halloween night? Here are 2 warriors places.


This picture is

too dark, it is said that from 1948 onwards, there has never been.


you will have the opportunity to experience the story of one of the famous vampire novels, Dracula, on a horrific night. Do not deceive you, from the moment when you enter the castle, only with hair standing on end.


you will have dinner with a vampire expert, he will spread about vampire knowledge to you, and make you believe in the vampire castle.

finally came, the night, accompanied by a castle outside you will be taken to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, dark secret. Yes, these two coffins are your bed, do you really dare to sleep?


is the mastermind of the famous German company Airbnb last year in their home, Halloween is also planning a night of terror, is also a collection of 2 warriors, to Paris’s famous catacombs, and the remains of 6 million a night.


Paris underground catacombs VS Romania Brown castle, which is more horrible?

Mei Xiaohua just want to ask, so dark activities in the end who is planning, you thick, I promise not to kill you!

2, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Scary web site " Nightmare" (E Meng)

index: terrorist assumes


poker-faced of Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been scary, Halloween this year approaching, Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched a scary website, and named " " Nightmare",, we feel that it is a nightmare!