(a) online marketing service provider classification

in the analysis of the hotel network marketing model, it is necessary to sort out the current active online travel service providers on the network. Overall, online travel service providers are divided into the following five categories:

is the first class to Ctrip, eLong as the representative of OTA (onlinetravelagency), in order to provide them with air tickets + hotel, the two travelers most of the core needs of the product began to grow and develop. They provide products, although from different tourism enterprises, but their own as a unified trading platform, and tourists to settle accounts;

second is the travel vertical search engine to go where the network is represented, they find accommodation products from OTA or different tourism enterprises, itself also has the transaction settlement function, but more is to guide consumers to the product provider page for settlement;

third is the traditional hotel set up online platform for product sales, such as the three major domestic travel agency CITS, CYTS China CTS and online travel sales platform, mango and CITS online travel network. Small and medium-sized hotel construction online sales channels more and more;

fourth is the traditional e-commerce website to join the tourism product sales, such as Taobao travel, professional buy site;

fifth category is the portal travel channel or professional services. That is, the use of Baidu, Google and other search engines to provide information platform for hotels, travel agencies and other related enterprises to carry out online business, such as the spring and Autumn Travel network.

(two) online marketing model classification

According to the above classification of

services, the hotel also can do online marketing, the corresponding classification, the first and fourth belong to the intermediary agent second (including direct search results of hotel website that part of the business), direct sales model class third and fifth belong to the hotel.

1 agent

definition: the agency refers to the hotel to professional agencies (such as Ctrip, eLong) the payment of commission, agency of each hotel information released to the web site, developed by the agency in charge of sales channels, belonging to the hotel network marketing channel outsourcing.

to Ctrip, for example, Ctrip mainly to attract consumers to its network platform, its own as a unified trading platform, and tourists to settle, in order to reach a deal. In general, consumers click on the name of the hotel to stay in the hyperlink, not directly into the hotel interface, but into the Ctrip Ctrip Ctrip interface, visitors pay.

advantage: the high degree of network identification of the agency, the larger the amount of orders.

Lack of

: first, the agency is not only a proxy agent hotel, the agent of many hotels in the set position, region and other conditions on the same page there is a fierce competition, especially the price