in the enterprise competitive analysis work of most product managers little actual work to do, or by the market and the operators do, or product market research department is equipped with related posts regularly to do. In recent years, colleagues in the Department to carry out monthly competitive analysis of existing products, to participate in part of the work. The product manager is not specialist and generalist is also a new experience and learning. Competitive analysis results can only be used as a reference (because of the information channel and Mining concerns are relatively subjective, more dangerous is the product manager will have some expectations towards the subconscious mind judgment to collect data, usually have to service) the awareness to concern related to the timely adjustment of product information in the target dynamic leadership and product management;

why do competitive analysis?

1 provides a relatively objective reference for enterprises to develop strategic planning, product line layout and market share;

2 at any time to understand the competitors’ products and market dynamics, if the data channel is reliable and stable, according to the relevant data information to determine each other’s strategic intent and the latest direction of adjustment;

3 can grasp the competitor’s capital background, the market needs of the market segments of the customer satisfaction and the vacancy market, including product operation strategy;

4 self rapid adjustment, in order to maintain the stability of their products in the market or rapid increase in market share;

5 new project products, shoot the head out of the (very dangerous, referring to the new contact with the industry did not accumulate and precipitation) did not form a more effective and complete systematic thinking and objective and accurate direction;

competing product analysis how to do


is worth mentioning is that the competitive analysis report in a mature enterprise, basically is a long time continuous accumulation of regular mining and analysis of a process to improve the accuracy of the data; convincing;

1 what are your competitors


A. products: direct competitors here including the target market direction, highly targeted customer groups, product features and user needs a high degree of similarity, saying: "a bubble on the real thing and you do competitors"

B.: indirect competitors and market target customer groups but in the functional demand complementary your product advantage (or others you complementary products), but not profitability depends mainly on the value of the products;

C. with different modes of industry: such as the B/S Internet model and industry solutions and stand-alone C/S client, a hammer trading and long-term service charges;

D. has strong capital concept of speculation: observed the media platform with the industry and often hype the concept of some prospective team background, qualification and scale of promising enterprises; "