Since the artist indecent turmoil, in two batches in the mainland website discussion forwarded hundreds of the most sensational indecent photos, including the mysterious photos in the first two days of the "truce" after two days, yesterday morning to raid tactics, issued second batches of the so-called full version of indecent photographs "". The mainland police described the name behind is a "network monster", a photo sequence, wanton manipulation in the photo role assignment, explicit content and Internet users mentality, its incremental technique is the challenge means very strong, the purpose is to cause bleeding effect.

Zhuanban hits more than 20 million times

in the past four days, on mainland a website has become one of the main centers of indecent photographs spread, tens of thousands of netizens focus area indecent photos page, click rate exceeded twenty million times, to attract Chinese people around to log in and wait.

due to the sudden increase in the impact of the discussion area, causing the mainland police and the community’s attention. Sources said the police to assist the police in Hongkong to prevent the proliferation of indecent photos, during the lunar new year to mobilize more than 100 online police to monitor the spread of indecent photos of the Guangdong. A police said: "to monitor thousands of websites, internet police sleepless is also very difficult to intercept live photos posted."

comprehensive development of events to the present, can be divided into two stages. First by twenty-seven last month to five this month, mysterious photos of people in six sporadic number of indecent photos on the Internet, then the full version serial photos, found the photo is the first black "featured" number issued, with the response and action of the Hongkong police, and black characters the photo content increased gradually, full of "notice" and "warning" taste, then a lot of exposure.

Guangdong public security fears mainland netizens follow suit

first time in thirty years later sent more than and 200 photos, these photos make a mainland website forum fame, aroused police attention. To the second day of the new year, the big argument broke out in the delete and delete the relevant discussion, Zhuanban night suddenly deleted two hours, users are thought within a short time the new photo issued is unlikely, but until the early hours of yesterday and last night, the mysterious photos suddenly issued second batches of hundreds of indecent photos, content ratio a more complete and more explicit, again to detonate the bomb, the special edition yesterday afternoon second degrees to be deleted, then once "Resurrection", but many users have not successfully posted.

Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department sources said, the police will closely watch the development of the situation, and will prevent some of the actions of some users of Hongkong will form infectious diseases, infection mainland netizens follow suit. (fish / text)