A5 (admin5.com) station network August 10th news, recently, some netizens said once again received a notice about the record number of the public network of WeChat, WeChat, or the public record was again on the agenda.

in August 7th last year, the national network information office issued the "Interim Provisions" of instant communication tool of public information service development management, the service provider in the public information service is required to obtain the qualification, emphasizes the protection of privacy of the real name registration, to comply with the seven bottom line of the public need to review the record number and restrictions on political news release and clear violations punished.

entered in 2015, Nanjing, Xinzhou, Jiaozuo, Shuozhou, Heze, Fuyang, Xuzhou and other places have started WeChat public census registration.

it is reported that the state Internet Information Office has as many as one hundred WeChat public number has been shut down according to law.

recently, courier real name system, mobile phone real name system, the real name of the network payment system, coupled with changes in the real name system of various sites, are corroborated by the advent of network transparency, the advent of the era. In the face of network security issues, WeChat public record or will be put on the agenda again, is also a benefit.