Penguin station is set up in June last year, was still in reading, their network hobby, 99 years to buy a computer, has been used now (has been aging Oh, what game can not play).

      I used a free web site source Ma set up a download station, just the beginning of traffic will remain at the level of 80 people, it is very stable. And then landing major search engines, to attach themselves to the forum posts, pull flow, but the effect is busy themselves as can be imagined, but awfully, but still the level of traffic. Occasionally see the traffic statistics of a website, his statistics are public, about 200 thousand people a day, I will see it flow where it came from, get a look, see, basically half of fixed customers, accounting for half of the search engine. So began the search engine.

      I will be the original template for all re modify site Title Control in less than 7 words, keywords around my site set, in accordance with the principle of simple template modification, spent 3 days on the template, it took 7 days to make 3 templates are home, category pages, content pages. Then every day to ensure an article is original, of course is based on other articles on the change, after all the time not much. Oh, lazy, then rebuild the website, web sites are all static pages. About a week later, I site is third in the GOOGLE rankings (my web site name is 5 words, users in the search engine in the top 4 words, GOOGLE ranked third, ranking first hit 5 words) is ashamed to now my site is third ha. When the flow rate of about 800 people, after a week or so, GOOGLE included 157 pages, is the first to choose my website, this is the traffic on the 3000, I was full of surprise, included so few pages flow even more so. At that time, I deeply understand the importance of search engines. Then every day is still publicity, the failure is, I know in Baidu and Baidu Post Bar publicity (then Baidu has included my website, is 20 pages or so), third days after the publicity, Baidu once included me 3000 pages or so, but nothing to traffic, after all collected so much well, he is full of joy, and at the end of the week, Baidu gave me a lesson, completely sealed my website. Later, I know, because Baidu post bar and Baidu know the results of publicity, this we can remember oh.

      will seal it, and GOOGLE, I also did not care about Baidu, and is updated every day, the site also has some income, at least the money out of space, ha ha, this is my GOOGLE included 280 pages or so, less than 300 pages, traffic has increased to about 3000 people. 1 months later, the flow suddenly increased