this Christmas Day is coming, sitting in front of the computer, not think before from the difficult process of the pharmaceutical industry step by step starting today, I wrote this article about entrepreneurship, to share and to make more friends to start at the beginning of less take some detours, it also provides some methods such as, want to have love friends vote makes me feel what I write.

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Remember when

is two and 00 in December 25th four, the whole nation foreign festival. On the street, cars such as water Ma Rulong, shopping malls decorated, dynamic cluster head. Every face is filled with the excitement of the festival, sing, dance, consumption…… Think about it, who is the happiest?. In recent years, the holiday economy is quietly rising, businesses would be three hundred and sixty-six days a year (leap year) every day a holiday. Valentine’s day, April Fool’s day, Christmas, can be said to be a masterpiece of businessmen.

combined with pharmaceutical marketing, too. At the beginning of the month at the end of the holidays to engage in activities, engage in activities, weekend activities……

but everything goes too far. Activities to engage in abuse, the problem will be exposed, the blind marketing activities, confusion and disorder. Some marketers complained: now is not to engage in activities to engage in activities not to sell, sellers do not make money.

this exposes a few problems:

activity is not clear. A successful pharmaceutical marketing activities, should achieve four purposes:

a, instant sales, improve sales;

two, to strengthen the image of the product, expand publicity;

three, strengthen service, return to society, improve the beauty of products and organizations;

four, for future marketing, providing medical records. The ultimate goal of the four is consistent, that is, to increase sales, but the details of the difference is also obvious. Can be biased, but each other. A lot of activities now, is to sell the day. Quick, often haste makes waste.

Single form of

activity. It is none other concessions, and clinic. In the final analysis, is the price. Remember, the price is always a bottomless pit, is always under the marketing plan. People find our temper, not to engage in activities not to buy goods. The price drop boss cried, consumers still do not appreciate: the activity is a lie.

activity planning is not malleable. Event planning does not have a serious market research and assessment, can not take into account the immediate interests and long-term interests. Activities are often carried out once. The event is over and the market is over. Not to pave the way for future sales and sales.

activities performed in haste. Activity is too random, few people at night to discuss, second days to pull banners, put a table to engage in activities. There is no basis for sales, there is no loyal customers, there is no advertising precipitation, there is no stable external relations, the effect will naturally not be good, its hasty and obvious deformation.