many people often come to ask me, I just do the site, how to do site promotion, actually do website promotion, is all the owners have to face the problem, in which we all in a summary. How to do web promotion

look at several ways:

1) e-mail, this way can be said to be the sky blanket, can through the mail or electronic magazine, in fact, for most people, most seem to be advertising messages, but the real effects are minimal.

2) submitted to the directory, here we can use to Google, YAHOO and MSN, Sohu, Sina, Baidu and other well-known search engines and directories to submit sites submitted to the site by keyword appears in the search results list. It often takes some time. This is a way to solve how to do web promotion

3) is leaving footprints in some large web sites or web sites to leave their related links or is said to contribute, slowly accumulate popularity, to publicize and promote their own website,

4) in one is to engage in some activities, such as gifts to visitors, interest survey, quiz and so on, can increase the popularity of your own web site

is how to promote their own websites, must own to constantly explore the can, to find her own way to do website promotion.

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