In July 1st, Baidu launched

2 specifies the algorithm Scindapsus, focus on the promotion of soft paper, including the promotion of the website and publish the web site is not meant for marketing has come to an end? In fact, soft paper industry consolidation is a good thing, can filter spam chain for a soft, high quality soft Wen has been searched welcome, such as Baidu itself and the media publicity of soft Wen is a very good example for enterprise promotion, pay attention to pay attention to the quality of the soft soft Wen promotion and the quality of the soft release platform, or very large effect on the conversion of corporate reputation and visibility of publicity and increase the weight of the website and sales.

webmaster soft writing and marketing training has opened the 14 period, fourteenth period, compared with the previous period of training, in addition to theoretical knowledge, more emphasis on the soft aspects of combat training, increase the content of algorithm 2 Baidu Scindapsus interpretation, training and learning through the system, teach you to quickly master the soft writing and marketing skills. Really play soft marketing value


course information

[time] May 15, 2015


shop owner, enterprise marketing department, sales department, public relations department, network department, writer, webmaster, web editors, business personnel;


Chen Guoqiang

A5, former editor in chief of A5 station network, deputy general manager of web marketing soft writing at

training features

first: has the rich teaching experience, the good expression can let the student complete absorption!

second: perfect training late guidance support, enrich knowledge is very important!

third: voice training +QQ group long-term guidance, so that each student has grown!

fourth: 100% zero risk learning guarantee, zero risk commitment allows you to learn no worries!

course arrangement

training: voice training +QQ group long-term guidance

class: a total of 10 classes

start time: May 13, 2015 20:00-21:30

every night

tuition: 480 yuan payment

(in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of learning, this period only received 20 students in accordance with the registration order, full of people. A5 webmaster network commitment: students are not satisfied with the lecture in 3 days can apply for a full refund (


phone 400-008-3536

online consulting: Chief Teacher: 8071657 karate teacher: 8071935