used to write some text, write the purpose of soft, as we all know, largely in order to promote their own websites, with soft, promote your web site is wrong? This is a difficult question to answer in a certain extent.

as a webmaster, in order to promote their own websites, write some text, improve the traffic and backlinks themselves, it is not wrong, but just want to do promotion, and write some rubbish, this is a problem, an article, in addition to their own links, only a few words empty words, no meaning, no doubt to the reader, this article is a failure of the soft, ultimately to achieve what kind of effect, everyone as can be imagined. In addition to a few poor flow, no one is willing to reprint your article, how to write good soft Wen, is a very worthy of thinking.

to write a soft Wen, the first is material, of course, try to choose some of their familiar industries and fields, and this industry is a must see, have their own ideas, have to say, as far as possible from their new industries and fields, a little knowledge is very difficult let others and you resonate.

second, the article must have the soul, don’t say to yourself and others as if it is, and copy and paste does not have what difference, not willing to see a copy of the reader, to the soul, it must have its own unique insight, let a person look comfortable, even if clap can not achieve the effect, at least they can make readers to think for a moment, remembering the past, you agree this article from the heart. Only readers agree with the article, in the world of the Internet has a long life.

third, select the title of the article. The title of the article to have new ideas, the most important is the first time to seize the reader, so that readers have the desire to further read. It is a pity that a good article is not concerned with the title. Think of a good title, your article is half the success. As to how to choose a suitable title, I think, one is loud enough. Two is enough to conform to the theme, of course is the key to select the platform release I think "a central" in 2006 when many of the webmaster all know, once the meter copy very hot, what is the reason I have to say, you can use Baidu Search this domain name, the content appears almost is a title. Because the title is in line with the meaning of this meter, in fact, is not the beginning of a reporter to write the article, reproduced more than the Baidu included more. The three is to highlight the new idea, the idea is to think about their own, do not copy the contents of the whole. If the platform in your article is definitely deleted.


fourth with your own domain name in the soft, write a good article, put out their own website promotion, at the same time share with readers the experience of the Why not?? to be with your own domain name to avoid entering the fear of heart > Advertising misunderstanding