in order to highlight the interesting creative ads presented to you, Social will be a large number of Web sites every day to see a considerable amount of advertising video. Sometimes, will inevitably encounter the following situation:


Sorry, the video is gone…

is really a sad news…

just when I was ready to move the mouse to the upper right corner of the page number, the eyes are attracted by the copy of the right side of the Tencent video 404 page

(Zhi), (Ye) heart (Bing) drive, and I found these unique design and copywriting interesting 404 page for everyone to enjoy.


copy combines product tonality


you seem to have come to the wilderness without knowledge


Sorry, the video is gone…

movie recommendation: don’t abruptly yourself in the story,

and learn to experience the story, to find their own shadow


baby "ball" dog yesterday clamoring to walk

The results of

in half weather upheaval, suddenly dark clouds in the sky;

heavy rain to speed, causing the server sick!

is playing a little bit of it, little is not serious…


just find a reason why


once upon a time there was a mountain, a temple in the mountains,

The temple has a

page, now can not find

I’m looking for the home page… I want to give back this error!


play off


haze is too large, even the pages are out of sight?!



, the postman by the monster.

quick login again to rescue him!


uncle, this really no


I don’t know what happened,