recently recognized some of the friends of the network to promote the industry, most of them are engaged in the promotion of the forum. Because of the current management of the forum more stringent than before, a lot of advertising suspected posts will be deleted by the forum administrator. They are new, for some promotion in the encounter can not solve the problem, so often someone will ask the author ID IP blocked how to solve it, ID was banned only registered, a banned for second. IP is blocked by the site, is a little trouble. Due to the busy work of the relationship, the author did not give them a talk, today I would like to know the rest of the way to write out for your reference learning.

is the method of the veteran is really not what good way. But for some friends to enter the industry, it may be able to help them a little busy. Or turn to the question:

1: use proxy IP

in fact, this method is very simple, you go to the major search engine search agent IP, it will search out a lot of answers. I step by step:

1:IE flow agent method, need to proxy IE5.0 above version, click on the "tools" drop-down menu select "Internet" and select "open link" option, and then select the "Settings" (Figure 1) and open, in the "proxy server" option (Figure 2) in the tick, enter your to the IP address and port, the last one click "OK" button.


(Figure 1)


(Figure 2)


2:MyIE2 agent method, select "options" menu bar "proxy server" choose "proxy settings" and then enter the proxy IP address and port. Again, "OK" and exit, continue the menu bar "options", select "proxy server" and finally select the proxy server you just entered. I did not go to the practical use, for reference only (


3:TT browser proxy method: first, select the menu bar "tools", choose "www agent", then select "proxy" and in this dialog box click the "add" option, you must enter the proxy agent IP address and port. Then "ok".

above the premise of the agent is to have a free agent IP address, there are now a lot of professional free agent IP website, which can be found on the search engine. There is a common problem is that the agent will make the speed of their own web pages slow, the need for professional accelerator software help. After use to remove the agent, so that the computer has returned to normal operating speed.

two: computer automatically get IP

this method for some friends in the forum to promote