recently issued an article in the Wu Xiaobo Channel – Entrepreneurship when learning why Chen: although busy into a dog, his girlfriend did not go, the amount of reading over 100 thousand, but also a lot of bulletin number, website, micro-blog.


was crazy turn article

this thing has brought me some inspiration on how to do the operation of WeChat and how to write a high forwarding high reading of some reference.

a, how to play a good title?

the title of the article is very important, no doubt, especially in the case of information overload, the vast majority of people only brush the title, or read the title and then decide whether or not to go in. At this time, a good title and pictures is particularly important.


good title + map

so the question is, how do you get a good title?

1, the combination of hot spots. For example, this article is by the hit series "energy-saving" potential;

2, incorporating emotions and emotions. "Although busy as a dog, his girlfriend did not go", and both antithesis emotions and feelings inside, making the growth of dogs and chase drama could not help but click on the fly. And this title will give people think Yi like Ying space. (see last photo)

3, all the chips, change change. Ask more than 10 people of the target population, the title of the modified and contrast vote. Good title good copywriter is a word a word to come out, I believe in the evening of 1.28 leaves of the new media group share uncle buddy knows.

4, the use of human curiosity limited crowd. For example, the "water Mae story only for girls to see investment", wondering about what more do boys and girls.

two, how to design graphic content?

title is not good enough, the content must be interesting or material to make the reader read and forward interactive.

Wu Xiaobo channel content design and interaction is quite worth learning:

1, the first to describe the scene to ask questions, and allow users to participate in interaction;

2, and then give the answer to 2-3 personal reference;

3, and finally with a similar article links.

so the reader is not just a one-way, passive acceptance of information, but with problems and situations in learning.

and each step of the design for the follow-up analysis and improvement of data, even if only a picture and text, but also as a product to do iterative.

three, how to analyze the data of WeChat graphics and text, forwarding number, reading number, point of praise and other data, respectively, what is the meaning of


to continue to do a good job WeChat operations >