this is about the use of Taobao QQ operation of the fourth article, today, the main content to share with you the following three points:

a, how to find the precise QQ group

this is not a topic because QQ a commonplace talk of an old scholar, constantly upgrade, launch products are constantly increasing, we as a marketer, Jianfengchazhen opportunity, natural increase and. Want to find accurate QQ group, the following ideas:

1, QQ group search


this is the most basic way, but it is very direct.

2, Tencent class search



class is a new platform for Tencent, compared with the first method, search QQ group in the Tencent has been active in the classroom, often influence better, at least in the operation and maintenance, no advertising situation.

when we add the QQ group, will not be refused, if too many times is rejected, or group of frequency is too high, then the system will give us a limit, you can add group, but the group management do not receive your group information. In general, a QQ number, in the case of no rejection, probably can add 10~20 QQ group. Of course, this is also related to the QQ level has recently been recorded by the T relationship.

when we add QQ group, it is best to note Tencent classroom, so that you can increase the passing rate of the group.

3, search in the video site


as shown above, in any search engine search keyword +QQ group can find the QQ group you need.

and above the same way, video marketing to find more accurate Q group, at the same time, you want to add a group of notes at the time of the group information access.

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two, how marketing group member

find QQ group, this is just a simple start, even if the group has been successful, you still have a lot of things to do:

1, group members finishing

first, you need to organize the members of the group, there are many ways, such as:

use the QQ group advanced management tools, as shown below: >