If you have read the "Google" level of patent technology PageRank reveals "or Google PageRank technical specification, you might approve of this problem I want to talk about in this article will be the.  

why I made such a strange question? In fact, it is not surprising, because the problem has gradually become the focus of attention and began to bring trouble. Some people say that there is no such a problem, some people think it is more absurd. Page level whether there is leakage problem? If so, how serious is the damage? I think it’s time to give an explanation of the problem.    

opposition says:    

against the page rank will suffer the influence of leakage that a web page has certain page rank (PR). Google’s page hierarchy is only part of the PR that determines which pages the page is linked to because of this external link. In this process, the PR value of the page itself did not actually suffer a loss. In other words, if the page A has a certain level of the page, then no matter how much the chain to the site, the page A page level will not be changed.    

this view indeed almost invulnerable, but they ignored the fact that if a single page A may have other links (internal or external links), and we discuss another website, then on "A’s website, page rank is likely to cycle return to the A page, this possibility is not significant. Although PageRank is based on the web site, rather than the operation of the site, but we all know that, according to the definition of the site, it is actually a system composed of web pages.  A unique feature of

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