foreign trade marketing is the traditional marketing methods applied to foreign trade promotion, such as the "advertising", "mass promotion" and "viral marketing", "telephone marketing", "search engine marketing". Traditional marketing methods can be said to be all kinds of, but not every kind of marketing methods are worth us to spend a lot of time and money to go in, some methods even is not suitable for the social development trend today, if we continue to suffer in the old way is certainly the enterprise itself, we must have a choice of foreign trade marketing according to their own situation, the promotion in accordance with the appropriate proportion of consolidation is a system engineering enterprise marketing, the use of this to be more conducive to enterprises to promote the personnel allocation and capital efficiency. Here we mainly analyze the foreign trade website marketing more often make some mistakes.

first, foreign trade network promotion did not develop a plan step on the implementation of

a lot of old foreign trade companies began to promote the network and do not know too much. Most of the foreign trade business owners or managers are mostly older, knowledge structure and environment background, do not know much about the network, has been through television, exhibitions and other media and friends, encourage or network sales, with the advent of the Internet era, they also realize that the exhibition effect is getting worse, should carry out network marketing, through the Internet to expand their business and sales, training, establish influence. So immediately arrange personnel to contact the production site, publish information, into the network promotion. The whole network marketing plan do not immediately start, even they have no concept of how many SEO, once three months down the network marketing do not have what effect, announce to fail, lose confidence and interest in network marketing.

does not know that network marketing is a systematic project, involving many aspects, according to their actual situation, carries on the demand analysis, make a thorough plan, equipped with specialized personnel, in order to achieve success. Release from the development of foreign trade website construction, enterprise information, to formulate promotion budget, choose network marketing methods and products, network marketing personnel to follow up arrangements for full-time work arrangements in place, persevere, make the network marketing business process smooth, the effect of network marketing so as to eventually achieve the ideal.

two, focusing on Web site interface design ignore website content function building

to carry out the function of network marketing is a very important part of the construction of foreign trade enterprise website. But in fact, some foreign trade enterprise website does not play its marketing function, the content of the website is not well perfect, this is not conducive to SEO, Xiaobian this with foreign trade enterprise website construction of knowledge is a relationship. Most companies believe that foreign trade website is the company’s online appearance, the more beautiful the better. Flash animation, graphic design, corporate image has become the biggest concern of the foreign trade enterprises, as to whether accord with foreign trade foreign trade website marketing, whether for SEO optimization, it is more in line with the foreign buyers behavior is not considered. No >