China’s network marketing in small and medium enterprises is undoubtedly the dominant position, and now the small and medium enterprises on the network marketing consciousness is more and more strong, network marketing will be the future of the network economy the most potential development direction,. In recent years, with the popularity of the Internet, the marketing environment has changed fundamentally, which has a huge impact on the marketing strategy and concept. But many companies want to do e-commerce, but do not know where to start, which is the focus. How to use e-commerce to bring more space? I write mainly is the enterprise network marketing of the search engine marketing, because I am a professional engaged in the search engine optimization, write the most useful to you.

said the search engine marketing process in the basic elements of

(1) constructs information source suitable for search engine retrieval

information source is included in the search engine is based on search engine marketing, this is also the reason why the website construction become the Internet based marketing, enterprise information website is search engine based retrieval. Because the user through the search after the information source but also to obtain more information, so the construction of the information source can not just stand in the search engine friendly view should contain the user friendly, this is what we in the establishment of Internet marketing oriented enterprise website highlights, website optimization is not only the search engine optimization, it contains three aspects: to the user, the search engine to optimize the management and maintenance of the website.

(2) to create the site / Web search engine included opportunities

website construction completed and posted on the Internet does not mean that nature can reach the purpose of search engine marketing, no matter how the website design is exquisite, if cannot be included in the search engine, the user will not be able to find these sites through the search engine information, of course can not implement the Internet marketing information transfer to.

(3) to make the site information appears in the search results in the front position

web search engines only indexed by search engines is not enough, also need to make the enterprise information appear in the front of the search results, this is the search engine optimization to the desired results, because the search engine included information are many, when users enter a keyword search will be a lot of feedback the results, if the enterprise information occurs later, users found the opportunity to reduce the effect of search engine marketing can not guarantee.

(4) to obtain the user’s attention in the limited information search results

can be found through observation of the search results, search results are not all contain rich information, users usually do not click on browse all the information retrieval results, we need to evaluate the search results, some of the strongest correlation from screening, most can click cause users to pay attention to information, after entering the corresponding web page more complete information is obtained. To do this, the search engines need to collect information for each of the parties.