Why is

do network promotion, the use of the method is the same, some staff can make a significant performance in 3 months, traffic quickly doubled, and some people think very interested in network promotion, is also very hard to learn and use some network promotion skills, but they require a year or so in order to achieve another 3 months will be able to complete the performance of


this is because after a person with a passion in the sting of error, SEO, Forum promotion, blog promotion, traffic exchange and so on, although these have fixed skills, but it is not immutable and frozen copied skills. Network promotion skills is important, but the process also need to do some data analysis. The so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai, do the data analysis process is a process of understanding yourself and others.

is a network promotion master talked about him to do network promotion experience, this man in 2008 began to do network promotion, can be a short period of 1 years, it has become one of the best domestic master. What is it, because he is good at analysis. "08 years ago, I came into contact with the Internet industry, when the site is something, do not know. When entering a small company Chengdu website promotion. I do not promote any method, it will only be the same, is to promote the forum. Because the threshold is low, as long as it will go to the forum posts, leaving hyperlinks on the line. But in fact, these are not my key to get a lot of traffic through the forum. Finally have a good flow effect, or based on their own data analysis."

so how did he do the data analysis,


just started to do the promotion of the forum, he chose the TOP100 forum registered account, and then try to promote the TOP20 forum posting. Through a period of data observation, found that the effect of a 3 forum is best, after only go to these 3 forums posting. Then analysis the flow of the background data, so as to understand the 3 forum posting which version effect is the best. And then analyze the data in these 3 forums, what time to send the most appropriate, what time to get the best results can be posted. Through the analysis of the data, he had the least time to get the best flow effect, than others spend the same time or less time, but from the forum to get more traffic.

do alliance promotion, using data analysis methods, the same can play a very good effect. If the competitor’s price is higher than yours, the content is more attractive, it is difficult to convince the webmaster to hang your advertising, how to do?

at this time you can analyze what advertising is the size of the webmaster like hanging; which advertising code in the station where the click rate is the highest; general Adsense in what form to show the best advertising effect. Analysis of these data, the ads you have these advantages on the grounds, to persuade Adsense hang your ad, there are at least 80% odds, the remaining two achievements see your ability to communicate. Front >