every day wandering in the Admin5, see the walk around the grounds, read the wonderful and exciting part will Dangqi a ripple, will be excited, then surging.

100 doctrine, to only. On how to do a good job on the topic of the site, there are many different views. Mostly, around the content and promotion of the topic. Do have a website, the primary content is attractive to a wonderful place, can let users away, that is to say on the content to stick to the first landing site to users. It was also said that the ultimate goal of the site is profitable, in order to have the flow of profit first, so the promotion becomes critical. The two argument, endless debate, always want to be first, always want to be a king. Contradiction is universal, and these two topics, should not be in the opposite direction, the website content is fundamental, website promotion is the means of website promotion, the two are complementary relationship. It is very important to promotion, can not be underestimated.

website is the content of the website construction, especially in the early days, is the personal collection of content. If targeted, in the absence of infringement under the premise that this is indeed a shortcut. If you put more energy into the collection, you can collect a lot of existing exciting content, you can quickly enrich the site, reducing the number of collection and distribution work. The development of the website, not only rely on the acquisition, must have the competitive content, original, exclusive information is indispensable. And to constantly update, continuous optimization, continuous attention to new content. Can be more conducive to search, get more opportunities to show.

The promotion of

website is an important means of website promotion; in the content of the update, the webmaster need to do is to promote their website. The promotion of online and offline promotion. Online promotion is on the Internet, through the QQ group, Email group, through the blog, forums and other means to promote the network. The promotion of the line is through a forum exchange, exhibition, leaflets and other social activities to promote. The combination of the two ways to promote, so that the site has more opportunities to display, visibility has also increased. Website operation is an indispensable two promotion methods.

The reason for the popularity of the

website is the openness and freedom of the website. To update the content and website promotion, both are indispensable, so the content of the website and the website promotion is the site development axes, only two axes together in order to create a whirl, site of the road to profitability.