he used 8 years to beat a lot of competitors, to become a takeaway industry unicorn, he is only a chance to rely on


Uber founder in Paris hit the car, go back on the entire market value of $40 billion taxi platform. In China, there is such a person, because the big night after the game did not eat rice, it took a $4 billion 500 million takeaway platform.

"hungry" founder Zhang Xuhao is such a person he beat Chuangqi, many competitors in 8 years, become a takeaway industry the unicorn, he is just by chance?

1985, Zhang Xuhao was born in Shanghai, grew up is a chicken to steal the dog, rich men’s sons, light a long no longer heart, heart was not in the study, the total score in the class ranked countdown. Because the family is the only child, the parents accused is not playing is not, can only go with him.

father made a lot of money to do business in the early years, want to be on the safe side of the age, start a capital lending business, I did not expect to borrow easily, when the collection of trouble. The first two days of the day to see his father sad, Zhang Xuhao asked his father. After that, just over 13 years old and he volunteered to help his father to collect the money you cop, I play good cop, must fix! "His father found him reading is a waste of time, he promised a dead horse as a live, take him out.

see the debtor, father first met it, the money is not yet the Lord, Zhang Xuhao played 13 years, he has 130 pounds, round shouldered, hands akimbo, staring eyes and evil to say: "do not pay back the money, then you have to ask me to drink tea!" what is the meaning of this? Kids should be doing? Didn’t think every day after school Zhang Xuhao told a few tall Martha classmates, behind the debtor’s ass, people go to a few of them remember which, under the people ‘s home and office address. "Not afraid of thieves to steal afraid about a thief, a week after he could not stand, to pay back the money.

but until the high school Zhang Xuhao was careless and casual, parents worried about his college entrance exam to give him money to open a shop, Xu Hao "good will be able to mix to eat. Zhang Xuhao was stimulated, I have to go to college." To three, Zhang Xuhao really learned in, scores skyrocketed, especially his late college entrance examination last month early a sprint, finally was admitted to Tongji University, four years later and was admitted to the Shanghai Jiaotong University Students study.

2008, Zhang Xuhao University in Shanghai is the refrigeration and cryogenic research, but since the graduate, Zhang Xuhao began the game of life, usually even lessons do not always play, "journey" nest in the dormitory. With the bedroom and a person like drawn to like with Zhang Xuhao, is yasuyoshi.

one night in September 2009, two people meet to play Warcraft late into the night. A road Daguai upgrade, play cool, but to the ten point the stomach is cooing incessantly, they had to call the 24 hours of KFC, McDonald’s, they say what all don’t play "