is micro-blog marketing companies use these days to estimate "33 days" has become the new media in the successful case of film marketing "player". A small investment in the cost of millions of urban love movies, and a Hollywood director of the work of the film, made a box office miracle – the cumulative box office revenue around the line 344 million. "33 days of love," the success of propaganda thanks to "micro-blog marketing". And it started to make some doubts about the success of micro-blog marketing power companies sit up and take notice.

a, lovelorn 33 days is how marketing

1, the traditional media – the perspective of emotion, love story of popular

is responsible for the publicity person in charge of the early use of traditional media network video advertising. From the point of view of the start, in several major cities in the country looking for lovelorn youth, ask them to talk about the lovelorn thing. And it is a "love story" upload video website. Although the "love story" in the video on the site click rate is good, but did not get a massive impact. In the traditional marketing methods encountered bottlenecks, began to try a new network marketing model.

2, network interactive platform – micro-blog marketing, the formation of a snowball effect

"33 days" to create the official micro-blog fans nearly 100 thousand, while the shadow also created many "lovelorn 33 days" of the micro-blog number, like the lovelorn 33 days, lovelorn 33 days classic language "micro-blog, the number of fans are above one hundred thousand, so that the formation of a large matrix by micro-blog. The matrix plus topic plus major ranking micro-blog broadcast before the grassroots and recommended. The strength of the formation of micro-blog is undoubtedly huge.


by the end of December 7, 2011, micro-blog on the lovelorn 33 days "search results have been more than 8 million, at the same time," Wang Xiaojian "search results is nearly 1 million 500 thousand.



two, micro-blog marketing has become the new darling of network marketing

in micro-blog no fire, companies often with the help of forums, blogs, QQ, social networking sites for social marketing. Today, companies have been involved in micro-blog marketing, because micro-blog has its advantages compared with other social networking platform. Because ordinary people on micro-blog had not to publicize the service, if they can forward and comment for a thing of feeling, more easily accepted by the public, if a lot of people say their attention to natural mind, these factors make micro-blog in the hearts of the people the credibility and impartiality is greatly improved. So this cost is very low and direct to the target population, the subtle way of popular is the highest realm of marketing.

, of course, micro-blog marketing is not only the establishment of the official micro-blog, network interaction, the call of celebrities