with the development of Internet, the network also appeared in many new things and products, and the emergence of these things and products are often accompanied by a part of the demand for the birth, but these things are not by social identity, such as the famous 11 years rub card, there are some weight loss products now, these have not been to the social recognition of the product caused by the Internet is rubbish, many shopping sites now because of deficits and the choice is closed, this is typical without social identity and create marketing consequences, so as a webmaster how to choose of marketing through social identity and how to improve the product? The conversion rate of

in these products?

reality and the trend of the Internet, purchase channels to formal

I believe that everyone should understand the Moutai Moutai wine, wine every year will produce so much, but on the market of Moutai liquor sales are very much, which also led to a lot of shops in the Moutai wine is not regular, the consequence is that many shopkeepers will be taken away by authorities. We can see if we use in sales in the informal channels of supply, perhaps we will often face some bad things, I feel the need to improve the conversion rate of network marketing, it must be in the purchase channels do not have to pay attention to cheap but to pay attention to live up to the price and their conscience.

social identity product competition, often need to pay attention to the details of the service

there are a lot of social identity products, but these products appear after the competition is very large, such as slimming tea in 09 years, when the product is accepted by the society, and this kind of products appeared Internet was born this site tens of thousands of, imagine a to your site can be obtained the user’s attention is not need to be improved in details. Many sites have no return service in 09 years, and I have the website, I remember my site in Baidu second, but its sales are often can reach the first page of Baidu standard, now although the product has been recognized, but we still have to do the detail work.

social identity products the price is right, the price range to best


customers don’t love so cheap nor love too expensive things, so it is necessary to discuss the price we have recognized in the marketing of social products, such as a slimming tea of the real market price is 300 yuan a pack, and most taobao.com is 100 yuan a pack, then I suggest our marketing website the best selling 180-220 yuan a pack, because through this price range can make customers believe that our website sold products are genuine goods at a fair price, and the price is relatively reasonable, can not save money less than the market price, and for Taobao and Taobao more than sellers a quality guarantee.

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