search engine marketing (SEM) company is the principle of potential target audience to buy keywords, search by keywords touch, our creative advertising, then how to choose keywords and keywords to choose from what point of view is very important, but we also have to ensure the quality and quantity of the key words (according to the actual budget and daily account the specific number of keywords) decided to limit consumption.

today to share with you a way to expand the keyword reverse thinking to expand keywords. Its principle is to do our bidding officer down himself as a consumer to consider, when we need such a product / service, how can we solve, or we will take what keywords to search for a product or service in Baidu.


interest stage:

if I am now a novice to learn knowledge of Internet marketing, but also shows I’m interested in network marketing, then I will search the knowledge of network marketing related in Baidu to further understand, this stage enterprise can expand latent interest in the customer’s words, such as network marketing, search engine marketing and so on some common words to guide potential customers on to the next stage.

collection information phase:

now I have to have a certain understanding of Internet marketing, this time I started to pay attention to the different point of view, when I decided to focus the search engine marketing (SEM) study, I will find and search engine marketing knowledge and learning "in Baidu so the enterprise should pay attention to this is to develop related" search engine marketing ", some enterprises can expand on the search engine marketing courses or enterprises in the advantage of SEM teaching. For example, the company has many years of actual combat instructor or SEM SEM teaching advantages over the years.

contrast phase:


in front of the search engine marketing have a certain understanding and interest, and at the same time, I want to increase my knowledge by attending training classes to learn SEM, then I will search "which SEM training" or "what are the Beijing SEM training institutions" and other words and comparison we find that several SEM training institutions in the Baidu business, this time is through the development and launch of word of mouth word, seize the present customers heart continue to lead to the next stage.

the decision stage:

now I know some SEM training institutions, even I have to " XX; network marketing training "had a good impression, so at this stage I do is decide which learning in the training institutions, whether to go to " XX; network marketing training" to learn SEM, this is the final decision at this time, and put on the enterprise development the key is the corporate brand, for example: " XX " network marketing training; " >.