Wednesday, a nice day.

the title of this article is: a little faster marketing methods, ah, I also made a return to the title of the party.

marketing is no shortcut, only multi-channel.

just read an article about Meizu and millet. As we all know, Meizu product experience can be seconds millet a few streets, however, millet marketing can be seconds Meizu street.

see Meizu millet marketing, as a rookie to play LoL, watching a master sail with the wind, all over.

millet marketing Meizu jealous, but can not learn.

similarly, since the media as a product marketing, one is the packaging products, one is the packaging itself.

imagine, how the media star is red? All rely on hype?


has the strength to be red, no strength, only speculation is not good.

that they are through what kind of marketing channels? Tall on it?


these promotion channel is not tall, tell you, you know. It’s just that someone else is doing better than you.

what kind of method can be called a little faster marketing methods?

multi-channel diffusion is a little faster marketing methods.

still take from the media, for example, a lot of people are doing from the media, you can always hear complaints, why my article no one to see?" Because it is too limited, the spread is too limited.

to share the following, I spread the passage of the article.

1, QQ space

from the parse tree log since the spring, every article I will update in the QQ space, while browsing a small number, but I believe that as long as they adhere to the views, there must be some.

2, WeChat circle of friends

every day to update the article in the QQ space to share the circle of friends, so that some friends are not QQ friends to see, to increase the proliferation of a way to WeChat.

3, today’s headlines

a lot of people in use, I also use.

a lot of people in the Slide Show, high amount of reading.

so, what are the reasons for your promotion?

4, blog

as a product of the era of Web2.0 cattle, blog has a wide range of dissemination and diffusion capabilities. Many blogs are free, not white do not, with no free.

5, Sohu from the media and NetEase cloud reading

I published in the two platforms of the article to read very little, but I still insist on the two platforms to send, because there is no better than reading it.

6, column

published in the column articles, reading is very large, such as the home of the webmaster, A5 station >