this week, many expect the new year can have new meteorological navigation webmaster was a head-on blow – they have a "Daily" Baidu announced the termination and navigation website cooperation. The navigation site was Baidu Duanliang, the idea that Baidu had used the promotion mode will flow into the abandoned software navigation website and Internet sharing, viral marketing will also be hit, is it really so?

many computer users may have the same experience and the author, when browsing the web, imperceptibly in the browser’s home page is a site navigation, not quite how computer technology change not to come back; in the installation of a shared software, whether you are willing to Baidu or Google will become the default search engine your browser, or simply to give you a search plug-in, let people get bored. But in these rogue software users unbearable harassment at the same time, some people are Touzhaoyue, first rogue web sites and software programmers get the boss behind the "reward" for each site to install a plugin or import a user can get a few to a few cents ranging from income; the latter in the website get traffic at the same time, also occupy more market share. Although the promotion is not very "sunshine", some netizens even let resentment, but before 2006, almost all the big website promotion mode is approved, just as the users of the rogue software to denounce the voice rising, the more subtle approach.

as a beneficiary of viral marketing, Baidu only today to terminate cooperation with the navigation site, its practice is not much positive significance, it is more from their own commercial interests to consider. In fact, Baidu’s move is three birds with one stone, because Baidu has spent 50 million hao123 will purchase the bag, hao123 more than ten million in the browser home entrance mode, bring to Baidu search traffic at the same time, it has quickly become one of the effective promotion of the entrance end of the other sites, and other navigation website cooperation, is a can reduce the impact of other sites on the hao123, two is the control of other websites can through the cultivation of a single large flow entrance mode, three is the way to change your image.

If this

that Baidu’s move will hit the viral marketing, I’d think too optimistic. First of all, because after a large site so many years of blood transfusion, viral marketing has considerable market size and market experience. Secondly, the new site every day like bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance of the need to promote, to flow, and with the traditional enterprise continuous net, viral marketing has become an important means to improve their public opinion in the network environment. Finally, and most importantly, with the development of the Internet, viral marketing methods are constantly changing, from the beginning of the rogue software mandatory binding, to occupy the entrance to the browser home page, Product placement, only today, viral marketing has begun to abandon the computer virus carrier, but through some hot events, hot topics, popular games such as the carrier, to promote the content of implants which, through the Internet users self >