NetEase Francisco October 22nd news, recently, in the ten anniversary of Chinese Sequoia Capital Fund entrepreneurs festival activities, the U.S. mission network founder and CEO (U.S. group and the public comments about his co CEO) Wang Xing and Sequoia from "Miss" to "the final choice" of the story, he pointed out in his speech "as long as you still in business, as long as you are still in this big industry, I believe that all the people around will encounter the Sequoia, because Sequoia is always there, and always at the front."

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Hello everyone! I’m Wang Xing, founder and CEO of the United States mission. Probably more than a week ago, the United States Mission and the public comment to become a family, so now I am the United States and the United States and the joint public comment CEO.

I just sat down listening to

in front of several links, see Sequoia ten anniversary celebration, feel as if a generation had passed feeling, think this is a very magical time. I just think of a very wonderful thing, just as the big gene CEO Yin ye came to power. Maybe before he joined the big gene, I have visited the big gene. In 02 years I was studying in the United States, because the teacher is doing high performance computing, when it happens that the human genome project is nearing completion, there are a large number of data generated. So there is a Bioinformatics (bioinformatics), the need for a lot of computing power to solve this problem. So in 02 years I visited the summer home was in Beijing near the airport BGI, a very poor place near the North bank. In this wonderful time changes very fast, should be in 12 or 13 years, I visited BGI, then moved to Shenzhen, is already a very tall place, a variety of products is extremely rich, and gene technology modified yogurt can taste.

so, I’m thinking of Sequoia so magical, incredibly invested so much and span very large enterprise. Behind this in the end what kind of law? My three start-up are in the IT industry, many are related to the Internet, mobile Internet, in fact, the most fundamental reason behind the biggest things or technology of Moore’s law. Moore’s law has been working since 1965, and semiconductor chips have doubled every 18 months. We now see the IT enterprise, whether it is in the core technology or above in business model, in fact, this is due to the. From the PC to the Internet to intelligent mobile phone, then to the more behind the IoT just 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi advocated networking or other things, if there is no Moore continued work, the great wheel will stop.

so I think of Moore’s law for ten years, in the past ten years, China’s Moore Moore Moore law is a big trend to continue to promote the following. This time I particularly admire Yin Ye, because the BGI such things in the past ten years, Bimore’s magic is more change the unit cost of gene sequencing, it may decrease speed is also faster > Bimore law