December 6th, the Internet Lab released the first report on the Internet ecological research, has aroused strong concern of industry experts. The report notes that the Internet has been the advent of the era of complexity, the entire Internet industry is undergoing tremendous changes.

called complexity, internet lab chairman Fang Xingdong believes that the next 10 years, the Internet will be the main battlefield of the rise of China’s soft power. In the face of opportunities, China’s Internet will also face new challenges, that is, the complexity of the new challenges of the Internet, this complexity comes mainly from two aspects: one comes from the inside, one from the outside. The former is the Internet how smoothly into the whole society become a new infrastructure for the future development of Chinese; the latter is Chinese Internet so go out, the impact of the international competitiveness, and establish the discourse power in the global scope.


entitled "2011 Chinese Internet Ecosystem — a report from the report of the complexity of challenge" interpretation of a series of "complex" phenomenon since 2011, further disclosed that in 2012, the Internet will face a more complex world, the global Internet companies must deal with the "eco challenge", the Internet will face four big Chinese the four major challenges caused by the escalation of conflict.

challenge one: the conflict between information explosion and user experience

network spam growth alarming. In e-mail, for example, the report revealed that only in the NetEase mail server to deal with the spam, generally accounted for more than 95% of the total daily mail. At the same time, the expansion of other junk information is also very alarming.

spam affects the user experience, Internet users plagued. Internet companies in order to improve the user experience, began to promote open intelligent internet. Back in 2009, Baidu introduced the application of open platform, box computing technology concepts and data, the intention of high-quality Internet resources in a more intelligent and convenient way to provide users. Open platform to form a new trend, to 2011, Tencent, 360, Sina micro-blog also joined the tide of Internet opening.

challenge two: maintain information order and combat bad information

currently, the information order is challenged by bad information. According to the Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center data show that from January 2011 to October, all kinds of bad information in the network to report the number reached 605692 times, an increase of 76.7%. The field of electronic commerce is false information the hardest hit, according to the China Association statistics, the first half of this year, the National Consumers Association at all levels received Internet service complaints 8187, over the same period last year increased by 74.6% to 1, which is a large part of the online shopping problems.

for the maintenance of information order, 2010, in the new office, public security, industry and commerce, drug administration and other government departments with the relevant network enterprises, discuss countermeasures to fight against the Internet bad and false information. Baidu launched a "Sunshine Action" to get Tencent