22 community chiefs private communication will be nearly 4 hours, we fully discussed the future of the community and competitive landscape. Because the information is too private, I am not good enough to express some of the key results, but there are 1 sensitive data sharing, for your reference:

community growth inflection point


1, Xie Wen: 100 thousand active loyal users, there will be rapid growth of nature, and no longer rely on promotion. There are different inflection points in different stages.

2, Xu Zhaojun: from the experience of the school to see, after we took over from hundreds of thousands of members to the current 20 million, in the 2 million registered users, there has been a significant growth inflection point.

3, Raymond Lam: skyline has been broken down in the field of professional social, and now 1 million 500 thousand users, has not seen the inflection point.

4, Zhang Rui: as the country’s largest and most active activities of the city’s Web site, the inflection point is the emergence of a number of cities and regions, the specific data in roughly 300 thousand.

5, Chen Qi: a year on the 360 lap of the line to do a user of the year, has been growing, did not enter the outbreak of large-scale. Because we are positioned in the active 90, so we grow faster than the average user site a lot.

6, Dai Zhikang: we have been providing services platform and software for the community, to see a lot of community growth, the inflection point depends on the height of the user groups you choose.

7, Huang Shaolin: 51.com at the time of the emergence of a big turning point in the 30 million users, and now the monthly growth of 5 million users, but down smoothly, is looking forward to the next turning point.

Zhang Benwei: not busy

8, formerly known as msnnext, was pushed out, appeared in the first rapid growth, quickly rushed to the 100 thousand users, but we at that time to switch brands, with the mangfou.com now, the user explicitly positioned in the "business", found that users began to steady growth. And the forest of the sky, we are also looking forward to the next turning point, I think this requires us from the "functional site" to "service website" to do more effective, more thorough.

Research of the

community is done, we look forward to a hot research for 08 years more, the consumer e-commerce development seminars, meeting, BONO’s vice president of marketing will open online direct selling shirts trick, 6688 of his 10 years old banyan will analyze the experience of e-commerce and exit B2C reason.