1 Jian Wang 2015 special action launched today  

against Internet piracy Jian Wang 2015 special action started in Xiamen on the 10. This year’s "sword action" to carry out the standard storage space network cloud copyright special rectification action "in focus.

According to the introduction of

, China by the national copyright administration, the state Internet Information Office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of Public Security jointly launched the "sword net 2015", from the beginning of June 2015, the first half of the time, in investigating major cases as the focus, innovative ways and means of supervision and law enforcement, strengthen inter regional information sharing and collaboration to improve the long-term mechanism of action, and rapid response to combat Internet piracy, to increase Internet piracy, administrative penalties and criminal punishment according to the law of cyberspace governance, purify the environment of Internet copyright, Internet copyright ecological optimization.

2 fire across Beijing University Xu fresh: 9 months, from zero to 10 million is how to achieve  

if you don’t have a personal experience and just sit in on it, maybe it’s not a sexy story.

Xu fresh is a fruit electricity supplier, said it is the electricity supplier, but it sounds like his business is simple and boring – only to sell fruit this one thing. Neither the first in Asia, such as Jingdong as spectacular storage base, also does not have the cold chain logistics system heavily built, even in many areas has already become the thing O2O standard "door-to-door service" is not to do a bit of fresh, it is a "high" requirements of users every day must be cold in the morning before ordering at noon after the user is permitted to run to the store from mentioning the fruit, and 48 hours not to mention a waiver. They never get crazy subsidies, not advertising, particularly in the capital has been heavily into the personal independence of conduct of the fresh electricity market.

3 of the Rothschild family history: investment in right hand left hand grasping Liu Qiangdong, Ma  

Rothschild was able to "Zuo Ma East right", relying on their strong strength and nature is ingrained in the financial sector relations. So, although the Internet Co looked "Bunker", but they are unable to leave behind the gold master like Rothschild support. Otherwise, the outcome is bound to be a "people in the money are not burned".

recently, health products vertical electricity supplier ah Apple announced the acquisition of a total of $50 million A round of financing, which is known as the highest record of domestic vertical electricity supplier financing. In the list of investors, a familiar name — Rothschild consortium, greet small eyes.

yes, this Rothschild is Rothschild. In fact, in the Internet era, the family has been a prominent moment never far away from the trend of Rothschild, they have always been around us.

4 online music copyright crisis