China’s Internet development for more than a decade, creating dozens of listed companies, including listed in the United States, there are listed in Hongkong. But most of these companies have a very obvious feature, the products are basically free of charge, all free to the user. For example, Baidu, Sina, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase, grand, perfect, giant tour, demassification, qianchengwuyou, first through massive free users, and then provide some "out of the ordinary" service, to promote the active part of the user fee, or let business owners pay, so that enterprises have huge profit. Which rely on user fees, such as giant, grand, although the user fee probability is not much, but on the billion level of user base, even if there is little probability of paying population is very large.

won the game for example, before the game by the time cards to get revenue, and now basically use the free mode, through the charging items to gain income. No money can be free to play games, and game development companies need to invest huge scientific research personnel, game designers, planners, completed a series of different art talents together, Shi Yuzhu once said, no one hundred million best not to get involved in the online game industry. But this is the product of hundreds of millions of investment products, but let everyone free to play, if in the past, almost no one believes, especially in the traditional industries of the crowd, it is impossible to accept such an approach. But the fact is that we be startled at Shi Yuzhu, this free game attracted a large number of game player at the same time, there are a large number of in order to enjoy the "out of the ordinary" items and willing to pay, the annual income of about one billion, the journey by virtue of this piece of free games in the United States, it is free as a case of Internet Co business model is very successful.

of course, the Internet industry to rely on the free operation of many companies rely on Google to provide free search service, aggregation of millions of levels of users, and then start charging to the enterprise through advertising, which achieved in the global hegemony. Tencent provides IM service is free of charge, people can use whenever and wherever possible don’t need any cost, you can use QQ chat software. When the user scale, the Tencent launched a membership, yellow diamond, red diamond and other "out of the ordinary" service, some users began to take the initiative to pay fee, created the largest enterprises in Chinese internet. For now, the Chinese instant messaging market, the user experience is undoubtedly the best software QQ, Tencent has also invested heavily in R & D funds to improve this free product. Free products easier to attract users, are also more likely to have a certain user base, so it is easy to collect user feedback, so it is easier to improve the grinding products, so as to introduce better products to stick to the user. Popular on the market some of the voice chat room, entertainment chat software does not have a ratio of QQ, the user experience is very poor. Free is not only easy to attract users, and even can provide better products than charges.