for city people, a variety of review sites has become a signpost pointing people basic necessities of life "". Depending on the evaluation given by consumers, which businesses on the website are cheap, "no place to hide".

however, the so-called "the man" and open review sites also let many businesses have "cheat" space, and on the site "brush praise" phenomenon is It is often seen. Recently, the Post reporter survey found that brush praise has become a complete industrial chain, and gradually against the interests of consumers.


default comment "tricky

"public comment" is a large scale in the review of the site. Due to frequent business employment account for their praise, "comment system" several times after the upgrade, the mechanism of "default comment": only the high level of users, the comment content will be displayed in the "default comment", can reflect the real situation of businesses. Similarly, Tintin Network and other sites have also used a similar certification review and other means to increase the authenticity of the review.

, however, the "default comment" is sometimes inconsistent with the actual situation. Many consumers broke the news, in the process of consumption, they often encounter the "default comment" says "take rice", the actual situation is not satisfactory. A consumer is told the Post reporter: online can buy praise, businesses spend some money, you can put their own brand out."

Morning Post reporter on a web site search public comment default, found 177 goods. Among them, a public comment on the default comment, the price of goods 1 yuan, sold a total of 21790.

Morning Post reporter to contact the buyer on the name of the default comment seller, a tree Bodhi edge". "A tree Bodhi edge", to the store "brush" praise, first of all need to have a high level of Web site account, and then to change the login IP address. Food category shops, write a praise is 40 yuan. General comment 5 yuan a, but no increase in the use of shops evaluation." The seller also claimed that his hand has more than 1 thousand and 200 high-level public comment account.

senior account can quickly fatten

Senior account

so much, how are these sellers have? A seller explained the mystery to the Post reporter: "special someone" raised. "As long as we comment, a few days will be able to develop a premium account account."

in a "air" website, it was released "a number" task, also describes how to "keep": "each account to raise to 200 points. Registration success 10 points, each comment more than 50 words 2-3 points, log in 1 times a day, 1 points. Each account requires at least 50 comments."

this seller introduced, raise a high level account >