recently in the novel station, so the special attention to the novel webmaster. All day like a spy squatting in the corner, digging the webmaster do stand experience. Here’s the morning harvest. Although my station has been included. But their conversation was I dug, it advertised! It is much joyful to share the joy than enjoy alone.

this morning, the new owners of the group, early in the morning a few new owners complained about the station has not been included in the problem. This is not the old webmaster they wrapped really can not stand, had to dive out of the water with their doubts.

tells them the old webmaster sincere words and earnest wishes, "the new novel is not included in the station before not too greedy and sometimes you use the spider does not climb. So new sites do not pick up, or close the N slow." Here the new owners hailed it, "but has collected several of this?" There is more exaggerated, dizzy, he has not included, I have collected 4000 copies of the!"

old webmaster Speechless for a while, before this, "50 good." Did not pay attention to what the new Adsense said, but it seems to touch the old webmaster bitter past. The chatterbox falls as the river billowing, a get out of hand. "I lost 10 meters in March to do a novel stand, the results of the collection of the 3, I began to find reasons, you have to say that you have the basic. Or more than mining, or before the expiration of the rice was deleted, or used before, or you RP poor poor people. You open the new novel station, first look at the registered meter. Have a look at the chain did not, if we do not have that, even if there is no K too. Such meters do new sites. It’s slow, slow. You do not have a good look at rice, OK."

in front of those words seem quite reasonable, so my patience and look down, who knows more and more wrong, he continued, "this time do hold the program. Don’t worry! You go to the ADMIN5 post to sell rice, and hard to his top, as long as the Baidu, GG have received the post with the meters outside the. On the line!" I know it is too rampant, Admin5, also dare to teach people. In fact, it is best not to use Sunzhao, a while ago I in "a webmaster goddaughter version attract Baidu spider" a little trick in this method is very good. My station is so included.

ignore this, I continue to lie prone corner, you can hang on the program, the new station what keywords, optimization do not put. Put a name on the title (to the other people do not name). Began collecting

up to no more than 2 weeks included. Before you hang up the program, pay attention. The changes are changed in advance. And then take 50 books on the line, do not take too many. Keyword does not matter, and now these Baidu antipathy, as long as I do not say that the new site is not included."

the new owners have trouble hearing, kept calling,"…… But now hang ah ~ ~ also collected 4000 novels ~ ~ how to do? And these 2 days I have been changing keywords ~ ~ yesterday also changed >