December 24th news, all of the world’s largest network of thousands of oaks group involved in e-commerce, and launched a cooperative shopping platform, everyone loves to buy".


Renren involved in the introduction of e-commerce shopping platform

Qianxiang interactive group of an internal e-mail to inform the employees in "everyone loves shopping online, at, the Thousand Oaks shopping platform is not open to the public.

everyone love shopping platform currently marketed products include women’s, men’s clothing, handbags, shoes, mobile phone, notebook, camera, toys etc.. It is mainly through cooperation with a number of B2C, C2C e-commerce platform, the platform for cooperation include, Jingdong, the digital mall etc..

, according to Jin Ling, general manager of oak interactive group sales recently attended the e-commerce forum, she claimed to be in order to get more e-commerce customers to understand their needs. She also revealed that, revenues amounting to billions of dollars. In Kaixin and all three sites, is currently the highest revenue.

"electronic commerce is concerned, I think, first of all is the core of the product price, this is the way. So this is all consumers are most concerned about, and electricity supplier products with a number of other non electricity supplier products in general a difference. Because the user is to buy things on the Internet is cost-effective to go, this can not be avoided." Jin Ling views on e-commerce.

According to Renren,

said that currently registered users have 120 million registered users, active users of 30 million. Analysis of the industry, everyone loves to buy network platform and partners may be divided into modes, but has not been officially confirmed.