in 2005, found that there is no talent network in Yiyang, so the use of their own station, built a sub channel, began to do talent. Slowly improved. The total feeling is not appropriate to do with the sub channel, can not tolerate the rest of the source code are deleted.

by the end of 2006, Yiyang has developed two talent network. So do I stand on the station and put on the outline, began to choose the domain name, the domain name is too fire, and remember the short domain name is not much. Chose a Hunan recruitment pass, the source code casually picked up a day to do landscaping. On the line.

so competitive incentives, I do not have much improvement in the talent network, IP half a year to reach 100, the number of registered members and increase slowly.

At the beginning of

2008, due to my perseverance, the registration and the amount of Internet access has increased greatly. Basically the amount of 350IP, and the IP, I think nothing is the need to find a job or need to recruit the effective flow. In Baidu’s ranking is also very good, all kinds of talent related keywords are ranked in the first or second.

I think, do a website, there is no optimization, insist on doing content is the best optimization. I do not understand optimization, but do not understand all kinds of language.

at the same time to do talent station, began to do with the training of personnel, family education, complement each other, I believe the only way to ensure the status of talent network.

in May 2008, began to register a domain name for the new domain name, the program is relatively old, as personal webmaster, no technology and funding for the development of it, by re selecting a set of source code, started the second local talent network: Yiyang recruitment network, but just in Baidu big update (personal feeling) has not included, talent network so far, for a part of the enterprise member fees, but compared to my personal investment, an utterly inadequate measure. How to do a good job in a small city network, in addition to insist on doing the line, how to develop the line. Hope to have this experience to explore. Note at the same time, the owners are not the owner of the money, so do not put a lot of money into the online publicity.

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