recently, NetEase koala purchase and Australia’s largest health care products company Blackmores (Ao Jiabao) jointly announced that the two sides jointly start Blackmores collagen white oral liquid. It is reported that in September last year, the NetEase koala sea purchase and Blackmores in Sydney officially reached a strategic cooperation, then the two sides have maintained close partnership in October last year, the NetEase purchased on-line 9 koala sea Pavilion, Blackmores Asia Pacific chairman PeterOsborne also worked for the NetEase to purchase new Australia koala sea platform "personally endorsed, and the first new joint activity is the further cooperation between the two sides.

according to reports, Blackmores is the founder of Australian natural therapy, advocates seeking health solutions from nature. Blackmores choose pure marine and herbaceous base from the world, each product will pass strict prescription screening and clinical verification naturopath, production strictly follow the TGA (Australian drug administration) of the highest standard. Compared with the traditional products, Blackmores collagen oral liquid in the bilateral joint first, add the precious natural orange essence, silica, zinc gluconate, vitamin C, biotin and other nutritional elements. Silicon and vitamin C promote collagen synthesis and absorption; zinc gluconate and biotin to promote cell regeneration, skin, nails, hair growth to provide the driving force to keep the skin smooth and elastic, reduce hair loss.

NetEase CEO Zhang Lei said the koala sea purchase, imported health products has become one of the key NetEase koala sea purchase category, but also in 2016 focused on pushing the first category, the new Blackmores is to further deepen the cooperation between the two sides, believe it will expense for the two companies and China bring greater value.

Blackmores Chinese general manager Zhang Zujun also said that the Blackmores is very valued NetEase koala sea purchase electricity supplier + media "attribute of brand value, and the constant pursuit of quality, and excellent in Chinese market reputation. Blackmores has 85 years of experience in nutrition and natural therapies, look through the cooperation between the two sides will pass Australia natural therapy and nutritional knowledge to Chinese consumers, health plan for the China consumers customized for the individual.

NetEase koala sea purchase through deep origin direct docking of overseas brands, and the goods stockpile in domestic bonded area, under strict supervision, the quality of the source of goods, customs clearance, delivery and other aspects will be in customs, CIQ, and regular sampling. "Through cooperation with overseas brands, proprietary direct mining and strict government regulation, ensure the quality and safety of NetEase koala sea purchase of goods, the NetEase koala sea purchase, after a year of development, NetEase has been the rapid growth of Koala sea purchase is one of the largest domestic cross-border electricity supplier self, more and more consumers Chinese >