at first I saw an article in a psychological test forum: the road to the network of beggars. The feeling of false ingredients in the majority, have deceived you suspect.

what others do, do not make a comment, I talk about my own Wangzhuan career.

I am from Hunan, Zhuzhou, from rural areas, junior high school education. Then for various reasons (omitted, leaving aside), leave school to go to the south to Guangdong to work, after a while, a former friend to help, let me in a foreign trade company customer service.

did more than 3 months, the total feeling of the heart is not here, went directly, and did not say hello to friends. Then back home in Zhuzhou, in the old side for dozens of days, they asked for some money, to Changsha distraction, journey encounter old classmates, talk talk, it should be said to be old classmates enlighten me, I think when she is my bosom friend. She said my heart wasn’t still, let me walk around.

After I

from Changsha back, and go home for a short time, and suddenly want to go to Sichuan to see the scenery, which is to have a rest.


returned from Sichuan, I returned to Zhuzhou, and a number of old classmates talk. Finally, in September 18th 05, we became lovers.

This is

above, below that of higher things, I also not Wangzhuan as selfish, not greed. But to live a better life. Calculate the time, she and I are almost 2 years. However, so far, always feel that they do not have a career, wages are not high, think about how we live a little confused. Contact the Internet inadvertently. Just started to chat, we usually listen to music on the Internet, watching movies. In fact, we also have a shortage of funds,

listen to the songs on the Internet, sometimes out of some things: some from the graphics and text, and some money. I started not very attention, then we think of money, and I will shoulder the future family. Would like to make their own efforts to solve their difficulties.

so when I was working, I took some time to pay attention to those things. Start to make money online is very confused, after a long time of exploration, also realized some of the doorways. Gradually know how to operate, it is very hard to do. The beginning is to do my own personal studio site, above the network click ads, 0.1 yuan each time, because I know this, I have been excited for a long time. After about 3 months, my account is only from the site to more than 4 yuan. This also indicates that the first time I failed Wangzhuan experience. But my girlfriend has always supported me, broadband, computer costs she also supported me a lot.

later saw the laggards webmaster forum Webmaster Station story forum and stationmaster net webmaster profit column, learned a lot of do stand experience, and then through a network of senior students are introduced to see Chinese owners and Advertising Forum, I began another road.