yesterday, I wrote an article "inventory of domestic shopping share model", the article, mainly lists the major domestic shopping share mode, then I’m going to the advantages and disadvantages of these shopping mode apart, for your reference.

today, we will introduce a new type of shopping sharing model, that is, the hot hot time on the Facebook axis with the shopping sharing model, which is indeed a kind of innovation in the country.


is not correctly, a similar application is Baidu’s Philharmonic live, open Philharmonic live page, home page is no more stunning, but open the personal home page, you will find the personal home page set is very unique, that is the whole line is completely grafted through time axis mode.


now we open pull Monternet ( home page, you can see it in the home with the Philharmonic live home is very similar, should be from the website design Philharmonic live. As for the share page, are used in cascade mode, this is the standard, we can ignore it. Now that we have opened its home page, we can find a timeline in front of us.


your fashion journey with the time axis? This is indeed a kind of innovation, sounds of people eyebrows. For the love of beauty shopping girl, if there is a timeline to record their own shopping history or shopping process, indeed better than the general micro-blog or article records.

we can see that the time axis middle put the entire page on the size of the picture, about display is large enough, and the station’s picture selection is exquisite, the time axis layout is very powerful, for the pursuit of fashion MM, should be very attractive.

, however, behind the advantages, we should also see the potential risk of time axis, that is, the domestic Internet users on the timeline is not very understanding, can accept the timeline of this model is hard to say. Although Facebook and path have been carried out on the preheating time axis, but because of the reason as everyone knows, the domestic Internet users is difficult to come into contact with this new model, while Baidu LOHAS although the use of time axis, but because there is no large-scale promotion, so that the net base still very few people.

general, time axis and shopping share together, is really a kind of innovation mode, but the challenge mode is quite large, that is how to cultivate the habit of the user acceptance and, if there is no users, no matter how good the model is an empty talk.