my WeChat circle of friends are doing micro business everywhere, to see a. These so-called micro business, the hard work every day, a few days to sell a few. I do not say, they do not say, but the psychological know on the line.


In the WeChat

many sellers circle of friends called themselves derivative, a variety of products released every day. However, the day passed, a month later, is not sell a few products, well?

can not sell products, do not blame anyone, do not blame the product is not good, do not blame you do not understand. Today, Shao Lianhu blog blog told micro business people, why not sell your products.

a, micro business sense of good selling point of view

1, good product

many micro firms boast their products how good, how high sales, the effect is obvious, the day sold dozens, hundreds. I would like to say is that your product is good, so many Chinese products are not better than you, your product is good, do you sell a home?

2, a brand

many micro companies say their products have a company, a business license, a brand, television, the major media are in the broadcast advertising. But what does this have to do with customers?. On TV products, the establishment of the company’s products are more than hello brand is also more, your brand is not necessarily someone to buy.

3, selling more than

a lot of micro business day drying some of the transfer screenshot, said he earned a day how much money. Daily delivery of some of the delivery of a few days to express their products sales. However, what does this have to do with the user who cares about the effect of the product, who is selling, as well as their needs.

two, micro business can not sell the product

1, do not know to promote

many micro business simply do not know what is the promotion, every day to know the release of the product, obviously, there are a few people in WeChat, and finally to pull their own black, because the micro business is really annoying. Do not say anything else, such as you, you see someone advertising an acceptable, if a four or five bursts, can you stand it?

2, do not know to pay

I don’t know how to sell goods is the derivative receivables, in Taobao or WeChat beat it, payment, or bank card transfers. Sometimes, users see the goods are good, want to buy. However, you allow users to pay WeChat, not even a Taobao, the user will not buy the final. Shao Lianhu blog would like to tell you that shopping must be assured that customers can, just like Taobao, after receipt of goods to confirm payment.

3, no one trusts

micro business is the most tragic, hard to pay, but can not get the appropriate return. WeChat friends