industry portal is one of the most popular website model, is to integrate industry resources in (supply and demand information, enterprises need to find information for), the unified information together, convenient information search. Everyone on a website, is sure to find the information they need, we want to publish their own business information, but also hope to be able to find a more valuable platform, but how to quickly judge the value of a website is a lot of people about the problem. We start by updating the level of information website and information you can determine the initial value of a web site from the user experience of the website, if it is a new industry website, to a judge the value of this website we can from the following considerations:

1, information update rate. If a web site information has expired (information today before), or for a long time did not update the website content, then this site will rarely, the value is very low.

2, useful information. The amount of information is to ensure that a web site can be found in the search engine, the information is too small, it is difficult to find.

3, the number of registered members and new members. This is one of the criteria to determine the vitality of a web site, with first.

Alexa, 4, see the website PR value ranking, through some evaluation data of third parties to a certain extent, can reflect the value of the site, but this is not the main additional. The core of the site or the user experience, can give users what is the most critical.

is the easiest way to identify some of the value of a site, of course, if it is a professional assessment agencies to see the value of a site, then it is not so simple

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