foreign trade integrated marketing & TV dating program

the current foreign trade industry increasingly fierce competition, more and more small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises difficult to obtain enquiries on B2B platform price in the melee, the past development of customer is no longer applicable, their growth is worrying. And some far sighted foreign enterprises begin to pay attention to the integration of marketing, not only rely on the B2B platform one leg to walk, but the establishment of enterprises belonging to their own foreign trade marketing website, shaping the leveraging multi channel marketing means, its brand value, improve the added value of the products, so as to win the high quality overseas orders.

This is like

, now the society need to be rescued by the sudden emergence of a large number of older youth, the original dating channels and the way it seems that in this age of the Internet has not used, so TV show so suddenly "fire".

"if you are the one" & foreign trade marketing website

said to show, must China is currently the hottest hosted by Meng Fei "If You Are The One" program, the program in the link set, from a marketing perspective is really stunning! 24 female guests is equivalent to overseas buyers, 1 male guests is China suppliers, they hand in hand is to determine the intent to purchase, or even turnover. How to take the scene 1 female guests, it depends on the comprehensive performance of the male guests.

, for example, our foreign trade site promotion through various channels, today has been 24 high-quality customers, these customers are not you hard to pull, but the initiative has the intention to find your website, so your customers not to stay too bad. How can capture their heart? The best today can succeed "in hand", this is our goal to complete the foreign trade website.

teach you three captured overseas buyers heart

in fact, as long as a good grasp of the 3 points, through the foreign trade web site is no longer difficult to obtain inquiries: 1, the first impression; the value of the 2, trust. The "you are the one" in the settings on the link with these 3 points just echoes the 3 key links:

1, male guests introduce, female guests choose light or light (first impressions)

2, VCR video to introduce myself, female guests choose light or light (value to customers)

3, three VCR during playback of female guests can ask questions, female guests choose off or on


next one by one analysis of the author:

1, first impression

we all know the website to the user’s first impression is very important for foreign trade enterprises, even more so, because of national and regional issues, enterprises first impression of overseas customers is through foreign trade website to reflect. Whether the use of foreign trade web site host, buyers can quickly open your site?